Ayurvedic medicine for constipation

What is the best feeling in the world ?

According to a lot of people, it the ‘fresh feeling’ after going to the toilet and successfully emptying your bowels completely.

Unfortunately, due to constipation, a lot of people are deprived of this feeling and pleasure of pooping easily.

Constipation if not treated, can lead to other complications like weight gain, back ache and collection of toxins in the body.

What Causes Constipation ?

  1. Eating oily and heavy to digest food
  2. Drinking less water
  3. Eating Frequently and before the previous meal has digested properly
  4. Psychological factors like anxiety and stress
  5. Some anatomical malfunctions in the colon or intestines that blocks the passage of stools
  6. Habitual suppression of stools, gas and urine

How do you know your previous meal has digested properly ?

After the digestion of a meal, there are these symptoms seen

  1. Normal belching that does not have the smell or taste of the previously consumed meal
  2. Appetite and feeling hungry after 3-4 hours
  3. Feeling of lightness in the body and normal thirst.

What are some ways to cure constipation ?

  1. Eating fibrous diet rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables have a good impact in loosening the stools.
  2. Eating on Time and Regular Intervals
  3. Having a light dinner
  4. Natural Ayurvedic Laxatives like Triphala churnam, Avipattikar churnam and hareetaki powder

Why are Ayurvedic laxatives better ?

A normal laxative drug increases secretion in the colon, adding to the bulk of the stools and thus causing the effect. However, It destroy the intestinal flora, diminishing the digestive ability over time.

An Ayurvedic herb increases the digestive ability, regularises the movement of air in the colon that leads to peristalsis and an end to your constipation problem.

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