Everyone experiences Hair Fall – It’s normal and the roots regrow hair from where it’s lost.

The problem occurs when you experience abnormal or larger amount of hair fall i.e. when you see larger amounts of hair in your comb, on your pillow, while taking a bath and general thinning of hair line over time.

Hair Fall and rapid Hair Loss can lead to baldness if it is not treated in time.

  • In Hair Fall, only the hair has fallen – The hair roots are still there.
  • In Baldness, along with the hair, the roots that grow hair have also 

Once you go bald there is no easy and natural cure for it as the roots are missing.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Hair Fall – Hairaan Oil

The first step is to save the roots from permanent loss.

Hair Fall can be due to various reasons including

  1. Poor diet and sleeping patterns
  2. Genetics
  3. Hair styling products
  4. Thyroid problems/ PCOS

With Hairaan Oil – Our Ayurvedic treatment nourishes the hair follicles and arrests hair fall before the roots are lost.

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If you have severe hair fall, we also have a Hair Fall Kit.

This Hair Fall kit has Neelibhringadi thailam which has to be periodically applied over the scalp and Bhringaraj powder that has to be taken internally as a nourishment tonic.

Our doctors can work with you to find out the exact cause of Hair Fall and fix it for you.

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