Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS

Dealing with PCOS / PCOD is Hard – Acne, Weight Gain, Erratic Periods, Inability to Have a Baby etc are some of the things which make life frustrating.

It’s also worrisome because PCOS usually does not respond well to traditional treatment frequently.

There is no medicine that can “cure PCOS forever” – That’s because the cysts in your body are functional cysts and can recur again even after they are removed by surgery.

The good news is that women living with PCOS can effectively manage PCOS by adopting a healthy lifestyle, diet and treating the underlying hormonal imbalance naturally.

Practising Yoga can also play an important role in preventing and controlling Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Basically, anything that makes your mind and body relax, improves metabolism and strength of reproductive organs.

Nirogam’s Ayurvedic Treatment For PCOS / PCOD

Nirogam’s PCOS kit treats specific symptoms of PCOS and targets the

  • Reduction of male hormones and treat hormonal imbalance
  • Optimization of ovarian functions and promote ovulation
  • Enhances female reproductive health and fertility.
  • Improvement of endocrine functions – all of which are responsible for PCOS.

Kanchanar Guggulu ( part of the kit )is a proven remedy to remove growths, swelling, and lumps like fibroids and cysts.

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